We had 3 hopper windows installed in our cellar, to replace the single panes of glass. The new windows weren’t cheap, but they are great insulation, and they open to screens. This is helping with cross-ventilation of humidity in summer and should give us lower heating costs in the winter. The head installer, Rich, was great to work with – knowledgeable, professional, and polite.

Both his helpers Ollie and Stevie were very good too. They came right on time, worked hard, never smoked or swore, never complained about the blackflies, and stayed until the job was done. They came back within a couple weeks to rework the wrap from stick-out to flush with the siding, at our request. They also adjusted one window that we found tight in operation. Rich showed great understanding of how window frames should be sealed for long-lasting defense against rain and air infiltration. I was very impressed how he formed the inner lip of the wrap so it would both cover the cracks and protect the caulking from sun exposure. Finally as others have stated, they cleaned up all their mess. They were also careful around our foundation plants, with minimal damage. NY Sash will keep at the job until the customer is satisfied, bottom line. Their warranty seems very inclusive, including 24h screen replacement.