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Siding Your Home is a Major Investment that Requires Major Planning New York Sash are experts in vinyl siding installation with over 30 years of experience. We know what it takes to get the job done perfectly! It all starts with the proper planning and preparation. That’s why we have created a FREE Siding Planning…

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Featured Project: Exterior Home Remodel

This week, we installed siding and windows for a customer. They wanted to boost the curb appeal on their home and save on energy bills! We sided their home with charcoal grey monogram siding accented with cedar impressions rough split shakes on the porch area. We were able to show our customer the end result before finishing the job with our siding ColorView design program. To save them money on energy bills, we removed their old drafty picture window and replaced it with two mulled together double hung windows. By remodeling the front of their home, they were able to boost their homes curb appeal!