It combines the ease of premium vinyl siding installation with affordability allowing you to enjoy the classic and timeless appeal of stacked stone at a fraction of the cost.

stomer Stacked Stone SidingIf you want stone siding for your Frankfort home, but you’re not sure that it’s an expense you can afford, then you may want to consider stacked stone premium cladding from New York Sash. By creating a template using real stone, and incorporating new textural and visual cues, this vinyl stone siding offers homeowners an incredibly realistic replica of the beauty of natural stone – all at a cost that is much more affordable.

When you choose our lifelike vinyl stone siding for your Frankfort home, no one will know it’s not real stone. The look creates maximum realism, while our special, proprietary coating system offers longevity and brilliance. Not to mention, it combines the ease of premium vinyl siding with affordability – and that means you’ll be able to enjoy the classic, timeless appeal of stacked stone with a much smaller price tag.

New York Sash can help you get the vinyl stone siding you want for your Frankfort home.

For the best stone siding for your Frankfort home, you should know you can trust New York Sash to provide you with a premium product that doesn’t compromise durability. Our vinyl stone-look siding is not only beautiful and realistic; it’s also sturdy and strong – made to withstand the variety of elements we face throughout the year in our area. Our stone siding comes in a variety of color choices, including:

  • Darker browns with lighter accents and a reddish undertone
  • Lighter slates and greys with a bluer undertone
  • Brighter tans and light browns with a reddish undertone
  • Multiple shades of brown, tan, and taupe
  • Very dark greys with some lighter grey and taupe accents

With so many options available, you can enjoy the natural beauty of stone in durable, easy-to-maintain vinyl for your home – just call New York Sash today. We’ll help you get stone siding for your Frankfort home that will add to both its visual appeal and its value. Simply call us at (315) 624-7344, and we will be happy to help meet your needs.