This beautiful line of vinyl siding options was inspired by nature and can transform your home’s appearance.

Shake Shingle Vinyl Siding

New York Sash is pleased to offer our Sauquoit, NY customers the look of real shingle siding made from durable, weather resistant vinyl. Gone are the days when the only vinyl siding available for homes came in long, smooth panels. Now, homeowners can enjoy a vinyl siding that boasts the look of authentic cedar shingles. The shingle siding we offer captures the look of semi-transparent stained cedar by using light and shadow to highlight small variations in color, and by emphasizing the rough texture of the wood.

Inspired by nature and molded from real cedar shingles, our siding offers you a natural looking vinyl cedar shingle siding that can transform your home’s appearance, without the expense and heavy maintenance that comes from wood siding. This shingle siding will add the rugged charm and beauty of cedar shingles to your Sauquoit, NY home, whether you choose it for your whole house or as a distinctive accent.

When you need shingle siding for your Sauquoit, NY home, choose New York Sash.

New York Sash takes great pride in the quality of the products we offer to homeowners throughout Sauquoit, NY, including our cedar-look shingle siding. We are pleased to offer our siding in many unique styles, as well as a wide range of colors.

With so many choices available, you can enjoy the natural beauty of cedar in durable, easy-to-maintain vinyl for your home – just call New York Sash today. We’ll help you get shingle siding for your Sauquoit, NY home that will add to both its curb appeal and its value. Simply call us at (315) 624-7344, and we will be happy to help meet your needs.